“A public health crisis like
the COVID-19 pandemic needs a
global health solution.”

Dr Katherine J Sullivan

Founder of 360 Wellness Solutions

About 360 Wellness Solutions

360 Wellness Solutions is a healthcare organization of rehabilitation therapists and behavioral health professionals that specialize in the medical, dental, physical, and emotional health needs of our families with Special Needs.
We believe that the world is a global community where the health of our natural and human resources is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and each other.
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Dr Katherine J Sullivan

Dr Katherine J Sullivan is the Founder and CEO of 360 Wellness Solutions. Dr Sullivan earned a PhD in movement science in 1998 from the University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, California. From 1998 – 2001, Dr Sullivan was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Department of Psychology and at the Integrative Center for Neural Repair (ICNR) at the UCLA Brain Research Institute.
Dr Sullivan was a member of the USC faculty in the Division of Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy at the Ostrow School of Dentistry from 2001 – 2013. During her academic career she was Co-Principal Investigator of the Locomotor Experience Applied Post Stroke Trial (LEAPS) LEAPS Clinical Trial funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research.
Dr Sullivan left USC in 2013 to establish MetroHealth Station (MHS), an interprofessional clinical practice at the corner of Jefferson Ave & Crenshaw Blvd in South Los Angeles, zip code 90018. During home visits with her students, Dr Sullivan began to understand how the Social Determinants of Health, poverty, food, housing, and job insecurity are not compatible with good health.
Healthcare reform requires a collaboration between public health officials, social services agencies, and non-profits, led by the licensed healthcare professionals working at the top of our education, training, and experience in partnership with health plans to create a bridge between science and practice not a wall.

Dr Dale Scalise-Smith

Dale Scalise-Smith, PT, DPT, PhD, is an experienced academic leader with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry for more than 30 years. She holds emeritus status as Professor, Dean and Vice President for the School of Online and Extended Studies at Utica University (Utica, NY). Her academic leadership includes monitoring internal and external regulatory compliance and educational requirements for medical-rehabilitation curriculum development in maternal and child health.
Dr. Scalise-Smith is the Vice President for the International Organisation of Physiotherapists in Paediatrics (IOPTP), a subgroup of the World Physiotherapy Association. Dr. Scalise-Smith is an internationally-recognized scholar in maternal and infant health. She has consulted with academic medical institutions in Trinidad-Tobago and Egypt. She has led faculty, clinicians and students from American Universities on five humanitarian trips to Albania and Romania .
Dr. Scalise-Smith earned her PhD at the University of North Carolina in Interdisciplinary Infant Studies with specialty training in developmental motor control. She is an expert clinician in the medical, emotional, and environmental factors that affect maternal and infant health during pregnancy and the first 2-years of life.
Her seminal research in developmental motor control has contributed to our current understanding of developmental milestones during infancy and childhood. As a developmental rehabilitation research scientist, Dr Scalise-Smith has provided scientific-evidence demonstrating that early intervention by interprofessional team of specialty physicians, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and maternal health clinicians is essential in decreasing disability, increasing family adaptation, and decreasing the societal costs of long-term disability without the benefit of recovery.
Dr Scalise-Smith is a disability rights advocate and supports the 2023 World Health Organizations proclamation to include rehabilitation as an essential benefit for children and adults with disability.

(LINK TO) Recent publications:
Scalise-Smith, D. (2021). Normal movement development across the lifespan. In R. T. Lazaro & D. A. Umphred (Eds.), Umphred’s Neurorehabilitation for the Physical Therapist Assistant (3rd ed., pp. 37–60). Slack.

Scalise-Smith, D. L., & Umphred, D. A. (in press). Movement analysis across the lifespan. In R. T. Lazaro, S. G. Reina-Guerra, & M. U. Quiben (Eds.), Movement Analysis Across the Lifespan (8th ed.). Elsevier.

Innovation in Community Family Health

Community members will have a shared community space; a healthcare facility in YOUR neighborhood. Member physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and psychologists can join our global telehealth network or local clinicians can offer health services, community clinics and health education technology training sessions in local community centers. 360 Wellness Family Health Facilities are shared spaces so community members receive the healthcare they need with no barriers or delays at a cost they can afford.
We believe that the world is a global community where the health of our natural and human resources is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and each other.